Long courses are overwhelming, both for you and for your students. Minimalism is in.

Forget about spending months putting together the material for your course.

And instead...
Use this simplified method to structure a unique, non-overwhelming, highly-rated course to build your audience, increase your expert status, and free up your time by helping more people all at once.


  • A simple framework to structure your course into lessons that people actually go through and implement. They see results, come back for more and recommend your courses to others.

  • A simple & fast way to validate your course idea, while you get content for your course, feedback, and reviews.

  • How I've used these principles to create courses in as little as 3 hours, without feeling overwhelmed or rushed.

Immediately after signing up, you get access to the unique course structure & the workshop replay so you see exactly how the workshop turned into a course. Everything you need to structure your unique course fast, all in one place.