This course shows you:

  • How to get rid of unhealthy habits.

  • Why unhealthy habits are so hard to let go of.

  • How to stay consistent with your lifestyle changes.

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Welcome to the Course
  • 2
    Understand Unhealthy Habits
  • 3
    The 4-Part Strategy to Get Rid of Unhealthy Habits
    • Strategy Overview
    • Step 1 - Make a Decision
    • Assignment 3
    • Step 2 - Observe the habit
    • Assignment 4
    • Step 3 - Replace the habit
    • Assignment 5
    • Step 4 - Reinforce the changes
    • Assignment 6
  • 4
    Stay Consistent with the Changes
    • The Keys to Consistency and Building Healthy Habits
    • Assignment 7
    • Example of an Unhealthy Habit
  • 5
    Recap & Next Steps
    • What you've learned
    • What next?

This course is for:

  • People who want to get rid of at least one unhealthy habit.

  • People who want to adopt healthy habits.

  • People who are ready to take action and implement.

Created by

  • Tincuta Nitu

    Tincuta Nitu

    Published author, writer, course creator, nutrition technician, and personal development enthusiast with over a decade of experience.

    With a mission: Her main purpose is to inspire people to follow their passion, to be healthy, and live a happy life doing what they love.

    Tincuta teaches people who work from home everything they need to know about nutrition & health so they stay in shape and become more productive.

    Tini is a free spirit, an adventurer who understood that life is unique and we should all live it on our own terms, doing what we love. Time goes by so quickly to afford living other people’s lives too.

    Keep an eye out for Tincuta's online courses if you're looking to have a healthy lifestyle and make an impact in the world.