This course is for you if:

  • You have experience in a non-technical area, such as: health, wellness, nutrition, mindset, self-development, business.

  • You're looking to turn your expertise into a digital course to reach a bigger audience.

  • You're thinking of creating a course but you find yourself constantly postponing it.

  • You want to diversify your offers to increase your income, help more people, and get more free time.

  • You are ready to take action and get your mini-course done in a matter of hours.

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Welcome & how to use this mini-course
  • 2
    The 9 steps to creating your mini-course
    • Step 1: Pick the topic
    • Step 2: Pick the format
    • Step 3: Break the topic down
    • Step 4: Explain each main point
    • Step 5: Have a plan to stay motivated
    • Step 6: Record the mini-course
    • Step 7: Add an intro and a recap
    • Step 8: Upload the course & publish
    • Step 9: Tell people about it
  • 3
    Recap & submit your mini-course for feedback
    • Here's what you've learned & what to do next?
    • Submit your course & feedback

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Created by

  • Tincuta Nitu (aka Tini)

    Tincuta Nitu (aka Tini)

    Course creator with a background in nutrition and teaching.

    I help experts create & structure unique courses so they can reach more people and transform more lives.

    I've created over 10 digital courses for my audience, one course created in 3 days, another in 5 days, and 2 courses done in a matter of hours.

    My courses have reached thousands of students. I've worked with experts in non-technical fields and turned their expertise into online courses in a matter of days.

    I believe that every expert has a course in them. And I will show you the fastest way to do just that. Let's change the world, one course at a time.

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