Every evening, before you go to bed, you rush into all the things you want to get done. And you realize there's no way of getting them done. Slowly, you settle into the late hours of the night only to find the work is not complete and you just want to crash.

All those amazing ideas popping to your mind just as you hit the pillow. Tomorrow. But the next morning all you can think of is that trusty cup of coffee that seems to be the only thing to do the trick.

Yet, you want to feel like you have more energy and wake up refreshed in the morning. To do everything with passion.
I want more energy.

You want more energy because you've experienced it and know how good it feels.

Not only that, but you've tried so many other programs and strategies to increase your energy. That you were left wondering if this is in fact possible. Or perhaps you should simply settle for what you have.

All those wonderful projects waiting to be produced. All those clients waiting for you to serve them fully. All those opportunities that you want to say 'yes' to. Anything is possible. And this training will shorten and eventually close the gap between your low-energy moments and you performing at your best. The training was specifically designed with practicality and instant results in mind. You will learn how to create endless amounts of energy to get all the things you want done.

This course is not your day to day information based training. You will be able to immediately take action on what you learn. And increase your energy fast doing the things you like.

  • Real-life experience.

    Have you ever met people who never run out of energy? I am one of those people. And I put my experience into this practical training for you to know exactly how to create endless energy in your life.

  • Fluff-free.

    You only need a few minutes of focused attention to increase your energy. This training leaves unnecessary details on the side and focuses on you. The goal of this course is to help you see results fast.

  • Practical strategies.

    The training you're about to enter is all about making it easy for you to implement what you learn. Every step in the strategy has been carefully selected to give you flexibility and a clear plan to increase your energy.

This is for you if:

  • You're continuously tired and feel drained of energy.

  • You're in the service of helping other people and making an impact in the world.

  • You're struggling to have high energy and take on new and exciting projects.

  • You want to have energy to exercise and be healthy.

  • You want to do the things you love for a long time.

  • You feel that you could be more agile and get more things done.

  • You are committed to your success and well-being.

This is NOT for you if:

  • You're looking for more energy but you're not willing to go through the training with intention and take action on what you discover.

  • You're not willing to accept new ways of thinking, embrace a new perspective.

  • You're not willing to show up and be open minded.

  • You don't want to invest in yourself, your business, health, and life.

  • You lack personal responsibility.

Course curriculum

  • 1
    • Start Here
  • 2
    The 5-Step Technique
    • Step 1: Understand Energy
    • Step 2: Identify Low Energy Causes
    • Step 3: Tap Into Energy Sources
    • The 7 Sources of Energy
    • Step 4: Choose The Energizing Actions
    • Step 5: Turn It Into A Sure Thing
    • Bonus Lesson - Energizing Actions Explained
    • Energizing Actions Examples
  • 3
    Recap & Next Steps
    • Recap & Next Steps
  • 4
    Bonus: Listen Daily - Energizing & Empowering
    • Daily Empowerment

Created by

  • Tincuta Nitu (aka Tini)

    Tincuta Nitu (aka Tini)

    Course creator with a background in nutrition and teaching.

    I help experts create & structure unique courses so they can reach more people and transform more lives.

    I've created over 10 digital courses for my audience, one course created in 3 days, another in 5 days, and 2 courses done in a matter of hours.

    My courses have reached thousands of students. I've worked with experts in non-technical fields and turned their expertise into online courses in a matter of days.

    I believe that every expert has a course in them. And I will show you the fastest way to do just that. Let's change the world, one course at a time.


  • Sheldon R. S. Crocker reviews Tini's Course

    Sheldon R. S. Crocker

    The title energized me into wanting to learn more. Tini surely delivers valuable straightforward easily understood directions. Very well done.

    The title energized me into wanting to learn more. Tini surely delivers valuable straightforward easily understood directions. Very well done.

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  • Siegfried V

    Siegfried V

    The alliteration, apart from being cool, is also accurate. Success follows energy.

    The alliteration, apart from being cool, is also accurate. Success follows energy.

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