Once you complete the course, you will be able to:

  • Combine foods so that you feel satisfied and have more energy.

  • Put together nutritionally balanced meals so that you avoid nutritional deficiencies.

  • Come up with countless meal ideas so that you'll always be prepared even when you're not in the mood for cooking.

  • Create a 7-day clean eating meal plan from scratch to use as weight loss tool and support for a healthy lifestyle.

When you use this Nutrition Skill, you:

  • Save time & money

    You save time and money by having an personalized meal plan ready. Plus, you stop worrying about what's for dinner. That leaves you more time to do the things you love.

  • Manage your weight

    Clean eating and satiating meals will help you lose weight the healthy and enjoyable way. You pick the foods that you love to go into the meal plan.

  • Help others

    If you're a health professional, a nutritionist or dietitian, this is a wonderful tool to use for your clients. Create easy-to-follow meal plans in minutes.

Learn a new skill in less than 2 hours.

Create endless meal plans in minutes and reduce overall costs, while saving time, energy, and your health.

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- here's what people are saying -

  • Informative & Easy to Understand

    OMG, if you desire a thorough, informative and easy to understand system of meal planning, this is it. I am so grateful I purchased this course!

  • Great Course

    My wife and I were looking for how to create meal plans to make our lives easier during the week and also save money. This course is the course we needed. It really helped simplify meal planning for us.

    What I especially appreciated is how Tincuta breaks down different foods into smaller groups. I was intimidated by the topic because I didn’t know anything about meal planning. But this course was organized in a way that made it feel easy as it went on step by step.

    Thank you for making this course. It has really helped my wife and I have a strategy for making meals during the week.
  • Most Practical

    Most practical. Its clear and to the point. Everyone needs to know this especially health specialist.

Created by a Skilled Nutritionist

  • Tincuta Nitu

    Tincuta Nitu

    I'm Tincuta, your guide to losing weight effortlessly while working from home. I have worked for years to develop proven strategies to lose weight and stay fit in a fun and efficient way. I'm also a published writer and nutrition technician.

    When I first began my weight loss journey, I struggled because I did not know how to properly create a strategy that would work for me. And I was overwhelmed by the amount of confusing information on nutrition and weight loss.

    So, I experimented with weight loss plans and strategies, while studying nutrition in depth. I have perfected my methods and now you get to learn from my countless hours of focused energy. So that you can finally inspire and increase your impact with your amazing work.

Learn a new skill in less than 2 hours.